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Project Hazard Assessment and Control

We start our hazard assessment and control process prior to mobilization by conducting a Project Team pre-deployment review of the scope of work and the equipment, materials and personnel needed to perform the work safely. Once on site we continuously monitor projects for consistent safety "best practices." Daily "work specific" Job Hazard Analysis' (JHA) are performed by supervision and shared with their team members prior to beginning of any work activities. Craft personnel conduct a "personal" JHA for each work task prior to beginning the task to augment the hazard assessment and control program and have the authority and responsibility to "Stop Work" if needed. In addition, Jobsite Safety Observations (JSO) are conducted throughout the shift by safety, supervisory and craft personnel. Safe and unsafe behavior and conditions are recognized. Appropriate action is taken immediately, whether it is a "pat on the back" for safe behavior or a coaching session with individual craft personnel for unsafe behavior. All observations are documented and tracked by type and frequency. This information, called Leading Indicators, is shared with all personnel to complete the circle of communication.


Substance Abuse & Testing Policy

All new employees undergo a complete alcohol and drug screening process. We also perform regular random sampling drug screens and screen employees involved in any incident or for cause.